At PE Wilson & Co we understand that it is extremely stressful to be faced with problems with your housing

It could be that your landlord is attempting to evict you or failing to carry out repairs to your property to the extent that you dislike living in your property.

Whatever the problem we have a dedicated team who will enforce your rights as a tenant, leaseholder and those who are homeless.

At PE Wilson & Co we are quite familiar with taking on the local authorities, which includes Lambeth, Croydon, Southwark, Merton and other large organisations such as Housing Associations.

We pride ourselves in believing that we go that extra mile for our clients.

That is why we believe we provide a high quality service and in the majority of our disrepair cases secure compensation for our clients.

We are also experienced in working with vulnerable people treating all our clients with the utmost sensitivity and respect.



We provide representations for tenants threatened with eviction in most cases for rent arrears, which is sometimes due to a delay in Housing Benefits for those who are on welfare benefits.

We also provide representation for those accused of anti social behaviour.

We assist tenants who are suffering from harassment from their Landlord or attempts by their Landlord to evict them without following the correct procedure.


Problem Tenants

As well as helping tenants with problem landlords, we also help landlords with problem tenants, who deliberately fail or refuse to pay their rent or have committed antisocial behaviour or nuisance.



We provide advice for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless by securing accommodation from the council.

We also assist tenants with their reviews and appeals of council’s decision on their homelessness application.

We are not afraid to challenge the failures by the council to provide homeless people with temporary accommodation.


Landlord & Tenant Problems

We provide assistance in enforcing landlords to comply with their obligations to carry out repairs and in obtaining compensation for their failure to carry out the repairs.

We provide advice and assistance for those living in Council and Housing Association accommodation on succeeding to the tenancy of someone they live with upon death.

We provide advice and assistance for those wishing to apply for a transfer of tenancy for council and Housing Association property.

We provide advice on council and other tenants for transferring their tenancy to someone else.


Boundary disputes

Boundary disputes with your neighbour can be extremely distressing and can destroy feelings of security at home.

Unfortunately such disputes are becoming more common and can be protracted and prove very expensive if the matter end up at court.

Therefore it is imperative that you receive good legal advice at the outset from a specialist-housing solicitor.

Such disputes can include issues surrounding overhanging trees to one property owner amending a shared drive causing water to flow into the others property causing flooding and other damage. The dispute could also be over who is responsible to maintain a fence.

Whatever your problem “WE CAN HELP”.

We can diagnose your problem in our diagnostic interview pointing you in the right direction or if necessary pursue your complaint on your behalf.

We also provide a fixed fee package for those who are not eligible for legal aid or on low income

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