Divorce & relationship breakdown

A divorce or a relationship breakdown can be a very stressful emotional and be a difficult time for everyone involved especially the children.

The divorce or breakdown will also followed by the financial issue and consequence of the end of the marriage or relationship breakdown.

During this difficult time you need an experienced family solicitor who can assist you through the whole court and divorce process.

Our team of family solicitors can advise and support you on all the issues concerning the divorce or relationship breakdown.



The breakdown of the marriage or relationship does not end the party’s role as parents.

During this difficult time you need to put your personal differences aside and focus on the need and welfare of any children of the marriage or relationship.



It is always in the best interest of the child or children for the parties to reach an agreement between them on their welfare. This can be through negotiations or mediation.

If the parties cannot reach agreement or mediation fails then an application can be made to the court.


Court orders

The main orders available for the court to make are:

  1. Residence order 
    This deals with where the child should live. This can also be shared.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  2. Contact order 
    This deals with whom the child or children should have contact with including the level and frequency of the contact.
  3. Prohibited steps order
    This is an order prohibiting a party from carrying out an act such as removing a child to live elsewhere or abroad.
  4. Specific issue order
    This is an order, which prevents a party from carrying out a particular act such as changing a child’s name, or what school a child should go to.



More and more couples are choosing to live together and having children without getting married.

There is a popular belief that after living together for several years both parties acquire some legal rights over each other and their properties as if they were married which is frequently referred to as “common law” husband and wife.

The reality is that upon breakdown the parties discover they have little or no rights or remedies.

At PE Wilson & Co we can provide you with legal advice and prepare Cohabitation agreements in the event the relationship breakdown. This can include financial as well as property.

Whatever problems you may have we will be pleased to discuss it with you and to come up with a plan of action to resolve it.

We provide a fixed fee diagnostic interview to diagnose your problem and provide advice.

We also provide a fixed fee package to resolve your matter administratively without going to court.

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